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Unit 2 - Fundamentals: Lesson 2


In this lesson we are going to be talking about while loops, for loops, charts and graphs.

While loops and for loops allow us to reiterate sections of our code a set number of times or until a condition is met. Charts and graphs mean while allow us to display data in an organized manner.

Lesson Video 1

Example Snippet

U2.L2 Video 1.png

Lesson Video 2

Example Snippet

U2.L2 Video 2.png

Lesson Video 3

Example Snippet

U2.L2 Video 3.png

Practice Problem

Procedure: Create the required VI(s) to achieve the following tasks.


  1. Create a VI which runs exactly 10 times or until a stop button is pushed
  2. At 1s intervals, it calculates a random number between 20 and 30.
  3. Display the random number on a waveform chart.

Practice Solution

U2.L2 Practice Solution.png

Next Step

Unit 2 - Fundamentals: Lesson 3