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Labtutor : A Friendly Guide to Computer Interfacing and LabVIEW Programming (MacIntosh Version)

Description Book Information

LabTutor, a combined book and software system, provides an introduction to the principles and practice of laboratory data acquisition, experimental control, and data processing using any hardware/software system. LabTutor includes specific instruction and examples on how to use LabVIEW, a graphical programming language from National Instruments for developing automated instrumentation systems. LabTutor allows new users to make effective use of laboratory computers with as little as ten hours of effort and to become accomplished practitioners with less than forty hours of effort. The printed version offers the convenience and readability of an ordinary book. The hypertext version includes sound and animation to clarify certain concepts and offers the advantage of rapid searching, making it useful as an online manual. LabTutor can be used as a primary package for a course on laboratory computers, as a supplement in traditional laboratory courses, or as a self-guided tutorial for those learning to use laboratory computers on their own.

Authors and Organization:

John K. Eaton, Laura Eaton,Colorado State University

Michael B. Histand,Colorado State University

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Edition: 1
ISBN-10: 0195091620
ISBN-13: 9780195091625

Summary of How NI Technology is Used:

Includes specific instructions and examples on how to use LabVIEW, a graphical programming language from National Instruments used for developing automated instrumentation systems.
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it is so old!

LabVIEW 3.0?

" 一天到晚游泳的鱼"