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pulse output at 1 sample or burst at once for uniform pulse train generation: counters


for counter output to drive a stepper motor which option is better.

1. to generate 1 pulse at a time in a while loop with a rate defined by ms delay vi


2. burst of pulses at once 

if we use option 1 is it accurate to pulse time periods of all train of pulses 


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Option 1 would be software-timed, which means your while loop may not loop precisely at your designated speed so not recommended.

Option 2 would be the way to go since you will control the counter output with the onboard clock, so you can produce precise pulses at the correct timing.

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so Burst means HW timed or we can use another specific way to implement HW timed loops. does ni cards have inherent clocks that we can use to achieve precise timing or delays without using Labview RT

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Which hardware are you using? NI DAQ products have inherent clocks so you can output pulses from counters with precise timing. You don't need LabVIEW RT to do this.

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You seem to have created several threads on closely related questions.  It'll be best if you can focus the conversation to one of them.


Over in this thread, I suggested that your 6229 card isn't a very good choice.  Something from the X-series family (63xx) would be better. 



-Kevin P

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