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pci 6602

I'm just a newcomer in the labview-world and so a little bit helpless sometimes.
I have some questions, which stopp the going-on in my project.

When I start different examples (which I need to understand LABVIEW) so the search to "config" or "counter" and a lot of others subVi's is unsuccesfull. How can I get these subVi's, exist a link where I can download these subVi's?



I have a PCI 6602 card ( connected with a SCB-68 ). Is it possible to customize my amplitude of a square signal over this card (perhaps a second channel). What are the essentiell functions to send a square signal over a DAQmx task/channel? Can I use the Analysis function Simulate signal (Square)?




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1) These VIs your Development system is searching belong to the Traditional NI-DAQ driver. So you are trying to open examples that use traditiona daq functions. To use these examples you have to install the traditinal daq-driver AFTER you installed LabView. Then you will have these VIs in your standard VI-palette. Anyway I would recommend to use the new and better DAQmx Driver to work with your Data Acquisition boards from National Instruments (for example your 6602).

2) The 6602 is a pure digitla board, so it can only acquire or generate TTL Signals. It is not possible to generate a signal with a specific Amplitude. The Signals you gernerat are always TTL. When you want to gernate a square wave signal with a amplitude between 0 and 10 Volts you need a analog output or multifunction DAQ board like the new M-series I would recommend.
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