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Using Counter/Clock without LabVIEW

I have a cDAQ-9174.  I need to record RPM of a motor shaft using a standard pulse on/off retroreflective sensor.  Am I able to access the counter/clock that's on the cDAQ without LabVIEW (my company still hasn't purchased it yet - just FlexLogger) and record it in FlexLogger as a constant RPM?  Thank you.

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Maybe you need to upgrade Flexlogger to 2019R3 or higher and use the 9361 module. 

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I have FlexLogger 2019R4 and NI-9361 on the way, I was just curious if it were possible to do what I need until it arrives.

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Chassis counters are not currently supported in FlexLogger. wbifrank08 is correct that the way to access counters in FlexLogger would be to use the NI 9361 counter input module.


When your hardware arrives you can configure an  Angular velocity measurement using a Frequency Counter to measure RPMs.

Briana C.
SW Engineer | NI R&D
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