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Trying to measure frequency with the cFP-CTR-502. Can't get tutorial to work!



I am trying to measure the frequency of a signal that I'm counting using the cFP-CTR-502. I can successfully count pulses but I what I really need to know is the RATE of counts (counts/s or the frequency). I have found some Labview programs that supposedly do this that I've downloaded from (link below). The concept makes sense of using a gate and output but the programming is crazy - at least the program in the link below is. 


1. Is there an easier way to measure the frequency of counts?


2. Why will the program from the link below ( ) not work on my system? I get an error everytime I run it. Could I be missing some VI's necessary for it to run? Or is it from another LabView version that is not compatible?


      The entire error is:   -32810 occured at FieldPoint initialization failed. Possible causes, 1. Missing or corrupt configuration file; 2. Failed to create call backs. : FP


      Link for program:


Thanks in advance for all your help and time!


Sam T

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Have you tried the example titled Frequency that ships with LV?

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