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Time control of PCI 6602

I'm sorry for the previous message. (I don't know how to delete it)

Anyway, I'm writing program which counts events for a certain period time.

For example, I want to count events for 1 second.

However I want to control the counting period at more accurate rate (not software timing)

I want to directly control the clock on the counter board.

How can I do that? Now I made my program using single-event counting vi.

Do I have to use gated one? I don't need time-resolved counting,

but I just need more accurate timing control.

Thank you for your replying
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Hello DHLee,

I just saw your other message and thought you forgot in asking the question...hehehe.

Coming to your question, what you want then is either Simple Event Counting or Gated Event Counting. The difference between them is that in Simple Event Counting the counter counts the number of pulses that
occur on the SOURCE signal after the counter has been armed; on Gated Event Counting the counting is halted and resumed via a GATE signal. In both cases, the counter can be armed via a software command or upon receiving a start trigger. The start trigger can be an internal signal (any of the timebases available: 100 kHz, 20 MHz, and 80 MHz) or an external signal, any of these signals will make your control more accurate.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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