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Physical Connections to use 4 counters with NI 9411 in cDAQ 9178 chassis

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Currently I have a NI 9411 module in a cDAQ 9178 chassis.  I am using 2 of the counters to read frequency measurements.

From the NI 9411 pinout diagram (see pdf file attached to this post), these are the connections I made:


CTR 0 SRC, pin 1 to COM/ground

CTR 0 GATE, pin 2 to first frequency signal


CTR 1 SRC, pin 6 to COM/ground

CTR 1 GATE, pin 7 to second frequency signal


The problem is now I'd like to use the 3rd and 4th counters in my cDAQ 9178 chassis, but I am confused how to wire

in the 3rd and 4th frequency signals, because CTR2 GATE is pin 1 and CTR3 GATE is pin 6.  Can I change the pin assignments

to use the other pins in the NI 9411 module for counter frequency measurements?  I haven't figured out how to do that in MAX







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For others that have the same issues, I found some more information on physical signal connections for counters in the NI-DAQmx Help (access directly through the Labview application). Search for topic: Connecting Counter Signals.  Go to "C Series Signal Connections for Counters".  I'm going to try these counter connections and see how it turns out.



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Hi EETDer,


The "C Series Signal Connections for Counters" help that you found is a good resource.  One thing I want to point out is that for a frequency measurement on a single counter, you only need to wire the signal source to the CTR Gate.  Internally, the module will route an appropriate internal timebase to the counters source, therefore you DO NOT want to connect the CTR Source to ground.  On your device, you will just wire each signal into the counter source, thereby only utilizting pins 1,6,3,8 for your 4 frequency measurements.

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Hi Chris,


Yeah, after I found the "C Series Signal Connections for Counters", that's when I realized that I only need to connect the signal line to those

pins, and the COM line all go to pin 12.  Works like a charm.




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Hi Anna, I am also using NI 9411 and Ni cDAQ 9178 but I'm using an omega TQ514 rotary sensor. I would like to measure the RPM. Can you please guide me on the proper connection of the encoder to NI 9411? It has four wires, encoder power(+5V), encoder ground(GND), encoder lead(CW lead) and encoder trail(CW trail).

when i try to get continuous sample for angular position it says that i need and external sample clock..I dont know where to get it :(..huhu

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Hi Pete,


You're going to need to create a new post.  This post was from 3 years ago and you have different variables involved.



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