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PCI 6259 Counter 0 for encoder input using simulink real-time windows target


Hardware: PCI-6259, BNC-2111 (only using connector 0)

Driver: NI-DAQmx

Programming Software: Matlab/Simulink 2011a - Real-Time Windows Target (RTWT)


Hey everyone,


Im trying to use counter 0 to track the position of a motor.  The current issue is that I'm using RTWT and the toolbox doesnt seem to have any way of mapping the counter to another PFI pin on my BNC-2111 box.  There are 5 PFI BNC connectors on my box but the default pin outs (PFI 8 and 10) do not have a direct BNC connector.  Anyone have any solutions or suggests? 


Thanks in advance.







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Hello justdomechanicalengineering,


The MATLAB®/Simulink® 2011a - Real-Time Windows Target (RTWT)  is developed and maintained by The MathWorks Inc. Here is a website you can go to. I believe that the Simulink® product that you are referring to has the ability to export signals to other pins. I am not familiar with this product so the best place to pose this question is on the link above. You can always build your model in MATLAB®/Simulink® 2011a - Real-Time Windows Target (RTWT) and import it into LabVIEW to have the ability to use our Export Signal DAQmx VI.


MATLAB® & Simulink® are registered trademarks of The MathWorks, Inc. Other product and company names listed are trademarks and trade names of their respective companies.




Jeff L.



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