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NI PCI-6289 Counter Channels

Hello NI world! 


I have a NI PCI-6289 (with two counters) working on MATLAB Simulink R2021a. My purpose is to count pulses and find the frequency of a flow sensor which has square pulses output. 'counter block parameters', 'board setup' and simulink model to count pulses are shared with you in the attachments. Although the counter block has no output in Simulink, PFI0 pin counts the pulses in test section of NI-MAX application. Are there special settings to count inputs? Could you help me about this issue?


Thank you all. 

Have a good day!

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Do I understand correctly that via MAX you open the test panel or you create a task and then when nothing is connected to the PCI-6289 you see pulse counts?

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there is a flow sensor connected to DAQ. PFI0 pin is used to count pulses. the test panel of NI MAX counts the pulses but simulink does not.  

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As I understand from NI side everything is working right.

I will be efficient to point your question to MathWorks.


Also, this is noted in the following article.

If you find the solution please share it here as well.

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