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Inadequacy of available timebase's cFP Quad-510

We would like to use the cFP Quad-510’s that we have on hand to measure the rotation of a relatively slowly turning drum using hall effect sensors’ outputs in response to magnetic targets on the drum itself.  To keep the number of targets to a reasonable number, we need a different timebase to give useable velocity measurements.  Is it possible to change the module internal measurement parameters to increase each of the currently available timebase options by a factor of four?  We are trying to use current controller and I/O devices with different sensors to minimize software changes.

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Hello, txdave!
Thank you for your question!
Unfortunately there is no way you can change the internal timebase ranges to anything different than the preset ranges as shown on page 10 of the cFP-QUAD-510 manual.
Best regards,
Kalin T.
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