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How to use labview to measure distance with optical encoder

I am a new user of labview, currently I am trying to use labview to get digital signal from an optical encoder (5 pin TTL). The I/O board is a KPCI-3108 (from Keithley).
I can read the encoder output with labview, but can not count it with bi-direction movement. Any kind of information is highly appreciated.
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Since this is not National Instruments hardware, unfortunately none of our example programs would work for you. You will need to get in contact with Keithley and figure out how they communicate with LabVIEW (i.e. VIs, dll calls, ActiveX, etc.), and then base your DI around that. That is, I would definitely be able to help you use the interface that they provide for their card in LabVIEW, but they have to provide that interface. They may have even created some example VIs for you to use with their card. Again, this is information that they can provide for you.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am not a salesman, but if you are interested in purchasing one of our DAQ boards, then I can give you more information on how to do that. W
e have fully functional examples for our hardware that can get you up and running very fast, but this is completely up to you. I will definitely help you out on the programming based on their interface.
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George, could you point me in the direction of measuring angular rotation using an incremental encoder?
I have the PCI-6036E and will like to use C/Matlab.


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So, to do this in C you can reference the examples which can be found in the directory:

C:\Program Files\National Instruments\NI-DAQ\Examples\DAQmx ANSI C\Counter\Measure Position\Angular Position-Buff-Cont

As far as Matlab is concerned, we do not support programming in that environment. I would suggest switching to LabVIEW or CVI. I hope this helps!

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Thank you George.
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