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How prevent period counter control failure?

Having set up a 6601 card for measuring time-between-two-pulses and pulse train period continuously, I have always found that eventually these controls (under Visual basic 6.0)cease to produce events and that rebooting my computer is the only cure. They may run OK for minutes or hours, but they finally fail. I'm careful not to touch the mouse or keyboard, but that doesn't help. Has anyone experienced this? What could I try?
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Hello Pete,

-Does this only happen in VB 6.0?
-Do the controls cease to produce events after a certain time or does it vary?
-Have you tried any of our example programs? Try running the example TIOtwoEdgeSeparationMeasure found in C:\Program Files\National Instruments\NI-DAQ\Examples\VBasic\Ctr to see if it gives you the same problem.


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