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How can I synchronize multiple 6602 cards in different machines?

I'm using PCI NI-6602 cards to time several events in different machines. It's very important that the timers don't drift. For instance, if one is triggering every 1ms and the other at 1.5ms, I need to be sure that the second timer is triggering twice for every three times of the first one.

I've been searching for the answer, but all I can find is the RTSI bus for synchronizing the cards internal to a single machine. I did see one suggestion that the RTSI bus might work across machines with the same PCI bus speed. Has anyone had any experience trying something like this? Any other ideas?

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I have not seen any examples of synchronizing multiple computers via RTSI. However, one idea for synchronizing multiple 6602 boards might be to set up a counter output on your 'master' board. You could then wire that output to the counter source inputs on your 'slave' board(s). So all of the source inputs would be the same signal. Of course, there will be some delay (the time it takes the signal to get from the master board to the slave board), but the signals will not drift from each other. I hope this information is helpful.
-Alan A.
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