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DAQmx and State Machine

Hey all,

I am developing a State Machine in which I need to run four different tasks

1. Generating a Analog Output Voltage

2. Generating a Digital Output

3. Generating a Continious Digital Train pulse (using DAQmx CO pulse freq) -Problem is with this part

4. Counter Read Operation (using DAQmx CI cnt Edges


First I have Designed seperate VI's for the Tasks and everything is working fine but when I Designed a State Machine the third Task(Generation of Digital Train Pulse) is not Working. I am not able to find the problem

  My DAQ device is USB-6351, ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

I am attaching the Project File of my State Machine and separate VI which Includes code of Tasks 3 and 4

Please let me know if you need any sort of additional information from me to understand what I am doing.

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