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CompactRIO Waveform Library

The exmaple VI allows you dynamically change the names of the channels based on the channel name entered on the Real time. Which property node takes this data regarding channel names from the RT to FPGA? Does it happen in the create block of the cRIO wfm refernece library or in some other block form the same library. 



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I will try to answer according to my knowledge using this library. 

The data in "Channel Info" cluster is used in the VI "". In this VI is created a cluster with all information regarding channels as number of channels, sensitivity, etc.. Also in this VI the Array for Scaling Channels is created and send to FPGA using the control "Chan Scale Array". After that all information about the channels run in this "sampling info" cluster. It is used in all other VI's for many purposes. 


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Hello all, I am new here, I need to use this library with delta-sigma and SAR modules, my delta sigma module is NI 9207 but it does not have start-stop options neither the "MASter time base source" as told in attached pdf provided with this library to customize it for different modules. can anyone help me to customize this library for the NI9207  module?
thank you in advance.

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