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SHA-1 Cryptographic Hash Function

The SHA-1 encryption algorithm is often used for encrypting passwords. This is a pure LabVIEW implementation (meaning it will run on Windows, RT, and technically FPGA with a few modifications and fixing array sizes).

The algorithm is similar to the MD5 hash (which is included in LabVIEW).

This version could also serve as the basis for implementing the SHA-2 or variant algorithm in LabVIEW.

For more information on the SHA-1 see:

Member manicnobody

Is there a chance to get these VIs for Labview 8.5? Unfortunately I don't have Labview 9 and need a SHA-1 implementation for password hashing.

Member MarcoPolo5

Uploaded LV8.0 and later compatible VI's - happy hashing!

Member manicnobody

I already got a working version for LV8.5 in the forums, but nevertheless: Thank you! I bet this will help some people.

Member kewal

Thanks for sharing!