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Exploring FM and PM with the NI ELVIS and the Emona DATEx

The document briefly discusses how you can use the EMONA DATEx board with NI ELVIS to explore FM and PM. Experiments cover various approaches experiments in five different ways. The main methods are:


  1. VCO method

  2. Armstrongs Phase Modulator

  3. IQ modulator method

  4. Harmonic (frequency) multiplier method


These methods can be explored using the block diagram approach of DATEx and the programmable DAC outputs from NI ELVIS.


The LabVIEW Modulation Toolkit is used to easily achieve the IQ Modulator method, which is easily extended to cover many other modulation schemes. (Use of the Modulation Toolkit with DATEx is discussed in detail in the DATEx Lab Manual Volume 3.)


Take a look at DATEx, FOTEx, HELEx & SIGEx add-in trainer boards for NI ELVIS 1,2 & 2+ and DXIQ, ESSB for NI ELVIS III and myDSP for myDAQ to learn Wireless Telecoms, Signals & Systems, Fiber Optics and Green Energy principles (