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Thermostat please send me the same example

You use what they give you.  Unfortunately I don't think it includes a highlighter.  Oh and you will have to turn in all your notes, too.

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Just a small hint - if you take a look on the examples of the success package and the list of possible exam scenarios, you might able to pair them.


Of course the examples are not describing the real test scenarios; just giving an idea what sort of  subcomponents might be used on the test and the basic idea behind them will be the same as on the real test. Timing, date/text parsing, config files, sequencing, pausing timers etc. For example, let´s see the last one - pausing a timer. Read through the short description of the expected tests.

What do you think, which real test scenario will use a pausable timer? Try to spend a few hours on figuring out where the examples might be used, you will find it helpful.


If you are done with pairing the examples and test scenarios, try to create your own specifications based on the short description of the

possible exam scenarios and simply write the apps on your own. If you have problem with creating your own specs, try to google state machines for a coffee machine or thermostat etc. You will find a lot of examples written in other programming languages, or even language -independent state machine diagrams. You can use these to prepare yourself for the real test scenarios. 


Of course making all success package examples will not give you all of the knowledge you need on the test, but you will have a lot of "LEGO bricks" ready to use under your sleeves. You "simply" have to recognize which brick to use on the test. 🙂

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can u upload the thermostat requirements or please mail to vigneshrj95@gmail.com

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Did you read the posts? Then you should know, it is not allowed what you are asking for. You are not allowed to give out actual exam details. Practice with the example material. Getting details prior to the exam would be cheating. Also keep in mind, if you take an exam, you will have to sign a paper, that you do not share actual details of presently used exams!


Ps: you must love spams, sharing your email in a public forum 🙂

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Requests in this thread clearly violate certification policy. To reiterate previous replies:


Sharing of exam material is strictly forbidden, and will be punished by up to permanent exclusion from the National Instruments certification program and revocation of any certifications currently held. 


We are locking this thread. Any further threads requesting confidential exam material will be deleted. 



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