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Sample Exam Solutions for Review

Hi all,


I went through the Labview Boiler CLD practice test and am looking for some feedback on my solution. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm quite happy with how it turned out, but would be interested to see what other more experienced people have to say. This was programmed in Labview 2015. 



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Hi  Riebel,

 I had gone through your VI. I had attached your code with some comments where you have to improve more.


Some General suggestions,

 1) Functionality part of your VI was ticks good in all aspects, But I guess you know that you will get only 15 marks for the functionality.

 2) Style part requires a lots of modifications:

  •  Label constants.
  •  Label wires not as you did like there.
  •  If you choose a polling architecture to solve the problem, don't forgot to use a delay in your loop.
  •  Try to finish your application within 3 hours whenever you practice.
  •  Use sub-diagram labels for structures for labeling your comments.


All the best for your CLD exam, you have a great probability of clearing CLD test at ease, If you improve in the Style and Documentation section



Mohamed Tanveejul Arsath .P.S,

Certified LabVIEW Developer,

Project Engineer, HTIC-IITM

Certified LabVIEW Developer,
Project Engineer, HTIC IITM.
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Hello everyone


I would like to get feedback on the attached solution.



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