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@Altira wrote:

HI Thanks for the reply, i dif post a query to NI regarding strings and their answer was ...


"Thank you for contacting us and sorry for the delay in replying. Good luck with your preparations. Enums are not required for case structures, but they're probably best practice. "


another doubt i had is , when testing vi through vi analyzer, i get these common errors


  • This VI has Automatic Error Handling enabled
  • his VI has debugging enabled
  • This VI has the 'Separate compiled code from source file' setting disabled.
  • The Default case of this case structure is shared with one or more other selector values ("Set Timer"). This impairs readability. Eliminate the redundant selector value(s).

Does these errors have anything to do with points in CLD exam?

Only the last one, AFAIC. It's not up to me, but all the others are personal taste.


The last one is something I strongly urge people not to do.


A case is either default, or a specific case or cases. It is harder to read, but also adding a value to the enum won't break the case because there's a default...

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@Altira wrote:


I have updated my VI, can you please have a look on to it?


im taking a remote test, so where should i save my sub vis?

On the machine... You make the VIs locally, you store them there. You can't copy your own SubVIs...


@Altira wrote:

is there any specific folder structure to follow?

The root might be specified in the exam. You probably (used to) have to copy your code on a USB stick. Make sure your code works after copying it. If it doesn't, you will fail for sure. Broken code isn't evaluated at all.


Your folder structure should be structured.


I know a colleague got points subtracted for using auto-populating folders and libraries\classes. I do this all the time, but it seems NI has something against that. You might need to ask them, for I sure don't understand the problem.


@Altira wrote:

does spelling mistake loose points?

It won't help. It usually gives a messy impression.


They do know not everybody is native English speaking. I think formally you could do everything (names, comment) in your native language, but I never tried.

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@Altira wrote:


I have updated my VI, can you please have a look on to it?

The Current time shift register still isn't used at all.


At a glimpse, the Pause time shift register still isn't used at all. Are you sure the timer can be paused?


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wiebe@CARYA wrote:

A case is either default, or a specific case or cases. It is harder to read, but also adding a value to the enum won't break the case because there's a default...

Yeah if I have an Enum going into a case structure I try to not have Default on any case.  I prefer this because if I ever update the Enum it will break the code, forcing me to make sure it works with the new values, instead of picking the Default case, and then potentially not behaving the way I intended.

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please verify my code 

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I want to take the CLD in mid August 2023.  Here is an attempt at the boiler.  I am struggling with using the elapsed timer express vi.  If I run through my code once it working but if I try to run through a second time.  The timer doesn't start over it just skips counting.

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Hi CFrias,


Feel free to DM for any specific's, I passed my CLD thanks to this thread.


I don't think I understand your message 'When I run over a second time'?


Good project structure.

As a general observation you need to set VI Icon's I believe NI run a VI Analyser script which will automatically mark you down if you don't do this for SubVI's and Ctls. Also reduce the unused white space, and connect all the error wires. General documentation required again this is going to trigger the VI Analyser and cause automatically dropped marks.


I like your logging although I'm not sure about the direct logging to file.


I would highly recommend that you use an event structure to switch between case's. For the CLD I am a big fan of a state machine as I think a QMH is overkill but your implementation is a little rudimental.




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Feel free to DM me for further detail.

I have a couple comments:

The use of an empty Timeout case is confusing and should be removed

No control tip strips or description

No Sub VI documentation

Not sure what the instruction include but the start button can be pressed before the setup is pressed which seems wrong

Don't change the Front Panel!


On single mode I get an error.


Although not CLD level to have a panel close event is very classy if a QMH is used


Ran out of time but I have a couple more comments


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I tried to DM you but doesn't seem to be working for me on the site.  What I mean by it works once is that if I start the application I get the elapsed timer to count but if I press shutdown and try to run it again without stopping the vi it skips counting.  I have only seen the timer reset when I stop the vi completely and start it again.  Not sure what I am doing wrong.

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i dont understand 

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