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Online CLD exam

Hi all,

I'm thinking of writing the CLD exam online. Has anyone else done this? What was your experience like? Do I do the development on a virtual machine or on my own PC? What other requirements do I need? If development is on a virtual machine, how is the user interface, and does it feel real-time or is there always some delay?


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I have taken the exam online.  It is stressful but if you are prepared it is close to the in person testing.  You are limited to one monitor so make sure you have a good sized one.  You will be doing the development on a virtual computer so you don't have to have LabVIEW on your laptop or computer you use.  You can't have paper, no chewing gum or food, and you can't read out loud to yourself (I do this all the time) or put your hands in front of your mouth.  There is a delay and this would get in the way a few times.  Wish I had those few extra minutes that the delay gave me.  I would say if you can do the practice exams in 2.5 hours than you would be ok for time.  Also, know all the little CLD practice problems by heart as well.  

Good luck!! (I just finished mine this morning...on pins and needles to find out my results!)

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Hey thanks for the info!

Did you pass? Smiley Happy

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