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Online CLD exam Tips and Review of Online exam

Hello, I Have cleared the CLD exam before 3 weeks. I am sharing my experience of ONLINE CLD exam, I am sure it will be helpful for you.


Points to be Remember:

1) When You are appearing for the exam you can start your exam before your time it will be helpful for you because Proctor will ask for many things it will take your 10-15 minutes. (No worries Your exam time will start when Proctor Gives you control) a)When Proctor Gives you control at that time your timer for the exam starts.

  Proctor will not ask you to start the exam. I have waited for 2-3 minutes then I have asked for it, but I have wasted my 3 minutes. Exam was already started


2) I was not able to use LabVIEW shortcuts like Ctrl+W, Ctrl+T, which is very Useful in Effective Programming. By pressing Ctrl+T in chrome it will ask to open new Tab which can mislead you during the exam. So to avoid these problem you can set different shortcuts before starting the exam and you can set the same during practise of the exam.


3). Development is lagging. You can not feel real-time development in LabVIEW. Due to enough Practice, I have managed to complete Application within 4 Hour. I have Developed similar kind of application in 3hour before just 2 Days of the exam. 45 minutes lagging due to LabVIEW shortcuts was unable to use and Typing was lagging.


4). During testing of the application, You can clearly see the lagging in the Application. So do not worry while your timer counts like..1 Sec,2 Sec,5 Sec,7 Sec.


5). The mechanical action of the button will play a crucial role in building application. so place your control at the appropriate place to avoid any kind of confusion.


Hardik Gujarati

Application Engineer

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Thanks for sharing.

André (CLA, CLED)
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