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NI Week - CLD Exam?

So... I'm at NI week and on a whim took the CLAD exam and passed. Now I'm considering taking the CLD tomorrow.   I have been programming in LV for 6 years now, and almost constantly for the last 2.  I am comfortable with all of the standard LV coding methods (fgvs, state machines, queued message handlers, some OOP, X controls [though I dislike them], etc), and consider myself fairly competent at documentation (tool tips, adding to the sub-vi documentation, etc).


I have considered taking the exams in the past, but never got around to even studying for them.  At all.  I mean, I have no idea what is even in the CLD other than it is a 4 hour test.


So, my question is this:  Is the CLD something that an experienced LV programmer could walk in to and pass, or will it require some prep work to figure out the exact code style that they are looking for?



Edit:  I guess if any of you were here, bored, and wanted to look at some of my code and tell me if you think I'd pass it would give me a far better idea.

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1. Go read Jeff's nugget: Certification Nugget: CLD - Certified LabVIEW Developer

2. I would recommend a least a little prep work, even with that much experience

3. There are way too many things happening at NI Week.  I would not waste 4 hours of it to take an exam you can take at almost any time.

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Agreeing with the previous, and adding:


There are a few things that may be outside of your experience and therefore difficult to do within 4 hours.  Probably best to go through (or at least verify you can do) the exercises in the CLD Success Guide first -- we created them to address these.  Mainly file IO with .ini or .csv (you'll need to know both, because you won't know which the application will demand) and timing with pause functionality. 

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Thanks for the input, and especially the link. I may try tomorrow anyway (it is actually difficult to find time / money to take the test later), but if I do, at least I'll have an idea of what I'm getting in to. I'm definitely not worried about csv or ini files. Used both in multiple applications, though I dislike csv.
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