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I just finish my CLD exam.

Sincerely 4 hours was enough for me to finish the application and test it with VI analyzer, but the exam it is a little bit hard than the sample exams.


How I prepared for the CLD:

1)LabVIEW core 1 core 2 and core 3  Online training.

2)Boiler controller in the core 3 manual exercise 

3)Success package (If i failed to do an exercise I see the solution than I repeated it 1 or 2 time, after 1 week I returned to do the same exercise to see if I understood it or not yet. Till I finished the ercices)

3) Correction of my Labview projects (I'm a LV developer but my goal was that my applications run without error but the block diagram was not ordered)

4)Samples Exam( I started with the boiler exam. The first time I finished it in 4h, the second time in 2.47h, than in 2h) For all the sample exams I choose a state machine patters with an event structure and I left the ATM exam for yesterday to test myself and I succeed to do it in 2 hours.

Exam Day:

The proctor give me a little time to prepare the Labview environment than she gave me the exam.


Here below a little description how I split my time:

-First 30 min, I read the requirements document and write a little algorithm ( it helped me a lot to choose the states for the state machine and the logic of the application) (!!! the proctor also asked me to put the sheets in the packet when i finished)

-15 min: document the main vi, all the controls and indicators on the front panel.

- 2.15 hours: Code the application : I prepared the state machine body than I started to code ( My advice is: when you add new function test it, it helps to identify where is the error). For the new SubVIs or type definition the first thing I did was document it and change the icon.

(I was prepared to do the code in 2hours. I exerciced my self to do the practice exams in 2hours )

-The last hour I left it for the VI Analyzer:


total tests:1144

Fails in test 1: 57 => Correction of the simplest test 

Fails in test 2: 43 => Correction 

Fails in test 3: 26 

I was doing the correction than the proctor told me that I must give the packet !!!

This Is How I did and I think it was good, I can not wait for the result.


-I forgot to define the connections required in the SubVIs

-I Think that I did all the functionalities required, just one of them works but it works 60% I don't Know.


My question: What do you think? and Can I pass according to your experience?

Thank for all of you that helped me.... thank you very much 🙂 🙂 


Best Regards,
Applications Engineer
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Thanks for the insight.

Did you pass?

Best wishes,

Piotr Golacki

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I think you have prepared very well, LabVIEW Core 1, 2 especially Core 3, in which it talks about QMH would better equip you for the exam.  

And your pace in the exam looks good to me.

What I don't know about is the grading for the functionality since I don't know the criteria.

I started another topic to share my experience and would love your insights.


Good luck!

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