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More CLAD 2017 Sample Exams

Hi all,


I am going to be taking my CLAD this coming Tuesday, and I have been practicing using many sample exams I have found online. However, the only sample material I have found for LabVIEW 2017 has been in the preparation guide shown here: 



Are there more sample exams for the new CLAD? I feel like I need more material.


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Have you had a look at The Daily CLAD?

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Forgot to mention that! I have been doing questions from there. Just still looking for practice exams for labview 2017.

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If you have thoroughly investigated the exam guide (by experiment in the IDE) and asked for clarification (Here) on any concepts that remain unclear.  You are good to go!  The guide is well aligned with the types of questions you will encounter.


That is as much as I will say.


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how was the exam and whether it is like sample tests or some what tougher


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It's pretty similar to the sample material that they give. Make sure you have read the core 1 and core 2 manuals, which you can find online. The CLAD was changed but it came in handy. If you feel comfortable with the new sample material, you should be fine.

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 i am pretty confident by doing sample exams but to solve in preparation guide it was quiet difficult

 how do you felt after the exam 

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Could somebody explain certain answers from  "CLAD_Exam_Preparation_Guide_using_LabVIEW_2017.pdf" ?


1. Programming fundamentals:

Q4: Which VI will generate this output?

I don't understand why answer D has been chosen over answer B. Both give the same result and array initialisation in D answer seems to be redundant to me.


2. Programming fundamentals:

Q8: Which VI will log every sample above the Threshold value to a human-readable file?

Why answer C is correct one? B and D answers also produce required result.





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Question 4 B - the inputs to the Build Array are concatenated


Question 8 -

B: the data is not separated and therefore is not readable. 

C: the data is separated by a (,) which make the data readable.

D: the values are not greater than the threshold (the threshold control is on the x terminal of the Greater?)



Ray Farmer
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Thank you. That was tricky, and threshold in answer D in Q8 is very easy to miss when you trying to cut time while analysing 4 relatively large snippets in 90 seconds.



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