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Keypad Entry in ATM (100528-01) example



Another question on the ATM (100528-01) sample.  


The requirement is as follows:


UI2B. Keypad. This control allows the user to enter Account Numbers and
withdrawal or deposit amounts. Pressing a numeric key on the Keypad causes
the number to display on the Keypad Screen.
• Pressing the E button on the Keypad signals to the ATM Controller that
numeric entry is complete.
• Pressing the C button on the Keypad clears any entered numbers.


The solution is shown below:




The solution detects a keypad value change and calls the consumer case for keypad.  However, it does not specify how the keypad event should be interpreted and passes no data into the UI queue. 


If I had time, I'd use an xcontrol or if not maybe add all events to the case to monitor and resolve CtrlRef.  I would expect that the architect would specify a method to use to the developer.


Is there insufficient detail in the sample or is that he level of detail that is required?

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