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How to obtain partial points step by step in functionality in CLD exam

In my last exam, I had 10/10 (documentation), 13/15 (style) but got less than one point out of functionality.


I did spent lots of time developing subvis: INI file I/O, which took me significant amount of time.. another time consuming part is FGV timer...


Apparently, they did not give credits for SubVIs.. They gave points by clicking the icons on the front panel (I guess).


How to obtain points step by step even though I may not have enough time to finish all the funtionalities?


Assume I will use a "state machine", I had "initialization" and "stop" cases done, what is the next step to get points immediately?



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Its not only about creating sub VI's and also how you are using the developed sub VI's in the Main VI (Project) to cover your requirements.

In simple define your states before developing and once the sub VI's are developed place them accordingly in the respective states/cases and comment its requirement coverage.

Palanivel Thiruvenkadam,
Certified (LabVIEW || TestStand) Developer
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