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Feedback on the online CLD experience

A colleague of mine had a poor recent experience online:


We captured it here:




Christopher Farmer

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Wow, some real horror stories in that thread. I mean, it's bad enough that this system just seems to be garbage in general, but to present it to programmers is just that much worse. I do hope NI comes up with another solution for the online exam. I think it's a really valuable service to offer, if not an expectation in 2021 and not just because it's after a pandemic that forced us all apart, but because of the spread, decentralization, and democratization of tech itself. It's cool to be a nerd now, and I think you should be able to prove how good you are at it no matter where you are in the world or what resources you have at your disposal, especially in a world where an internet connection is almost as common as Coca Cola. I don't know what the demand is for LV certification, but whatever NI is paying Psi, it's hard to believe they can't do better with someone else.


I mean come on, not even a confirmation email that my test was submitted? As if the test wasn't stressful enough, I had to wait more than 2 weeks not knowing if I just wasted my time and money because the proctor didn't submit my exam or whatever automated magic was supposed to happen? The only confirmation I can get that I didn't dream the whole thing is "Test Schedule Completed"? What does that even mean? Again, to the average test taker it's bad, but to a programmer it's...sad. 


I am happy to report that my test did make it through and I did pass, but boy NI, please look for another exam provider. That can't be the standard. I'm sure it's a very difficult thing to execute both seamlessly and with integrity, but Psi seems like they're not even trying, at least with the "seamlessly" part.

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