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Feedback on the online CLD experience

Oh! That's fantastic information. I would have considered that option had I understood that this was an acceptable way of taking the test.


One downside would be needing an external webcam/microphone, since the one built into the laptop wouldn't see anything with the cover closed.

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Thanks everyone for the Replies.
Yes external webcam would be required, but I have one Smiley Wink

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Certified LabVIEW Developer

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Great reviews of the CLD online experience. Thank you all very much.

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Usage of External monitor is not allowed..

Sathish Kumar A
Certified LabVIEW Architect (CLA)
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I used external monitor with laptop lid closed, proctor was fine with it.

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Certified LabVIEW Developer

There are only two ways to tell somebody thanks: Kudos and Marked Solutions
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so we can't use quick drop? or CTRL+SHIFT+mouse to move screen? or CTRL+mouse to widen the space in the block diagram? I'm about to have the CLD exam in a few days and I find that very disadvantageous. I also use a 14-inch laptop; if I use an external monitor, I don't have an external camera since the laptop lid has to be closed. So I'll have to use the laptop 14-inch screen to use the laptop camera and microphone.

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Just finished my CLD exam. I hope and pray that I pass. I just found out a way to allow the CTRL+ shortcuts. Set Chrome to full screen by pressing F11 then all is okay. At the first 5 minutes, the remote environment was very laggy so it was very difficult to program. But it got better after some time.

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I am completely just venting and whining here because my experience is no different than anyone else's (~30 minutes of checking and rechecking everything just to start, constant interruptions from the proctor, only being able to use most of one monitor, etc.) but I hated it. having to constantly toggle back and forth between the instructions and the code completely broke my rhythm. I think they should at the very least update the main vi to include the instructions on the block diagram.

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Result came in after 12 days. I passed 🙂

I know I cannot get a copy of the code, but I hope I can clarify some of the comments in the assessment. Comments such as - wires overlapping and some on the functionality not demonstrating specified functionality. I know, I didn't do perfect, but would be nice to clarify. For improvements and learning. Anyway, thank you NI! I can now use the Developer logo 😄

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