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Correct CLAD Exam Prep?

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For the last two months I have been intensely preparing for taking the CLAD exam (Which I am taking tomorrow Smiley Indifferent )


I have been finding and taking NI "Sample Exams" (all of which were 40 questions) and have taken about 4 or 5 different sample exams. Also, I took the Core 1 and 2 courses. At this point I can easily pass each of these exams nearly 100%. However, I looked at NI's preparation guide for its new CLAD exam, and the questions given by it seem much more difficult than the sample exams...


I would like to know what I should do in preparation for the exam tomorrow, and will the exam I am taking be more based on the sample exams I took, or the questions given in the prep guide? 

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Hello Tstamina,


You can read more about the format for the exam also here in below forum link





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Thank you, I understand the format well, but what I am trying to figure out is what difficulty of questions I can expect.

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Accepted by topic author tstamina
08-23-2017 08:38 AM

You could check out The Daily CLAD blog.  It is currently sitting at around 700 CLAD style questions.  Some of the more recent questions are outside of the scope of the CLAD.


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Thank you, I have been looking over them for the last month. Really has been helping me to understand certain topics.

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How can I get clad results and question paper which I attempted.

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