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CLD sample example -ATM Machine for review




This is my first time posting for my solution to CLD practice example - ATM Machine.  This example I tried with set timer. Was able to finish within time. Tried to add comments wherever possible. I am using LV 2015. Attaching zip file of my code for review. Any feedback on programming style, need of additional documentation or alternate implementation of any function to save time would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Code Rookie,
It looks pretty good and functions well.
You could clean up some wire bends if you have extra time.
I saw a few typos in the menu descriptions, pay closer attention to those. Also, your buttons should have the tip strips documentation filled in so that a tip pops up when you hover the mouse.
Some of your data names are a bit strange to me. It looks like you've carried over the underscore from a text-based programming language. Instead of "L_Name" for instance, I would use "Last Name".
Also, cosmetically I would hide the the error indicators on the main front panel.
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Thank you for checking in my code and giving me feedback. I had tip strip in my list but yeah I missed it. You guessed it right as data names are carried over from text-based programming language. But will try to come up with proper naming. I appreciate your time to review code and feedback.



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