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CLD-R sample exam #2, question #11

I fully agree with you, if your assumption is right about that 250kW radar. But again, we are working based on assumptions and there are ways to handle a sequential shutdown process a lot better.According to the crappy solution presented (eg: hiding ALL the errors occured after the first one) I would rather assume that we control low power electromechanical relays or ssr-s, so due to response time of the relays the shutdown sequnce would be anyways different than what is suggested by the order of the variables.


But this is an assumption as well...


Whatever... At least most of us agree that the question is poorly phrased. Its not a win, but at least it gives me some comfort. 

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NI must be molding me into their mindset, when I looked at the questions A seemed like the right answer to me.  But I agree with everyone else, that the question could be more clear in it's requirements (sequencial or not), and in its phrasing (all errors reported, and pick the best).


I rememeber years ago I complained about a CLAD question something like: For a high speed DAQ system what is the best file type, CSV, TDMS, Binary, XLSX.  I think I guessed TDMS because I figured that's what NI wanted to hear, but more information was required.

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Thanks god I am not the only one that noticed the bad CLD-R exam prep papers questions.  I have done the block diagram of many of them  many of them to convince myself of the result and their answer was proved to be wrong in LabVIEW. 

How can we be tested by wrong questions ?  Is it a guess the wrong answer type of exam ? or may be a "read the mind of the person who asked the question and then agree with it" type of exam ?  

Please implement the block diagram of the questions as I did and I guarantee that you find a number of wrong answers being called right answers.

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6 years later... OP will surely deliver. 


Seriously, how long does it take to add "The shutdown must turn off system running first, then output enable, then power" 😠

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