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CLD Exam Results Turn-around Time?

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Thank you!

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Built in laptop camera is sufficient.

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Does someone know, whether there are some requirements about configuration files usage? Usually I use configuration files to store limits there. But is it needed for the exam, or I could hardcode them just? In such a case, will it influence on the final points?

And also, how is it with documentation? Should I comment all the steps?

Thanks a lot in advance for any advice!

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I just got the results after 19 calendar days.

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Hi kosist90,


It sounds like you need to download the CLD Preparation Guide and CLD Sample Exams: https://learn.ni.com/badges/resources/1255 


Documentation is a big part of the marking criteria (25%) - so yes, document it! But again check the preparation guide and sample exams for pointers on what to document and content. My strategy this time around was to memorise all my comments before the exam and do the documentation first, before any real coding, instead of trying to cram it all in in the last 10 minutes. Worked a treat - I got 10/10 for documentation.


Limits - I don't think you'll find limits in the CLD. The exam is more about selecting the right architecture and responding to user input. Can't stress it enough - do the practice exams! Because what you'll be examined on is going to be similar to the practice exams.


The key is to do all the practice exams and memorise the core architectures (eg queued message handler, producer/consumer etc) and the core functions (timers, disable front panel objects etc) so that you can immediately recognise what is required for you exam, get the core stuff down first and document it. Then work on the functionality. At least that's what worked for me.

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Hi Nightshade42,


sorry for the confusion - I wanted to ask about CTD exam, but wrote the question here, to CLD thread... Most probably I was blind at that moment... So please, consider my question as irrelevant here...

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