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CLD Boiler Controller Solutionc For Review - Feedback Request


         My name is Jay. I'm preparing for CLD by end of this month. I created the solution for the Boiler Controller sample exam in 4 hours. I wasn't able to complete 100% of the functionality, i managed to finish around 70-80%. I would really appreciate any comments/feedback tips so that i can take it and prepare. I've attached the solution as zip file. 

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I think your solution is well done.

This is a minute thing, but...


- I like Wire Label instead of Free Label (Right click on the wire --> Display Item --> Label)

- User Sub Diagram Label

   For example, other developer cannot understand "Why this case is limited 11 to 75? What this case does??"

- You are using old operation. Use new one


 New.PNGNew method

I wish you will pass the exam : D


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Thanks for your feedback and time Emboar

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