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CLD 16: event structure in the idle case


@Fisel wrote:


If anyone wants CLD or CLA recertification points, creating a better solution for CLD success package exercises is certainly worthy.  


This probably should be in a prominent, pinned new thread somewhere. Is it?

The link has (1) sample exercises (CLD success package) and (2) sample exams. I assume both sections could use some lipstick. 😄


It really seems that the above example is a real suggested "solution" and I am very disappointed! If that would go through the grading procedure, would it really even pass??? 😮 With what score? There is not much code there, but is is way longer than a 1080p monitor. As I said, most code is convoluted and ill advised (e.g. closing static references, wild mix of implicitly and explicitly linked property nodes. Even the subVI has completely meaningless Rube Goldberg constructs. (e.g. what's the purpose of the first "select" node in the picture (top)??  Wouldn't the bottom code be sufficient?:o. Since the two booleans are always "not equal", only one boolean would need to be kept to fully track the two possible states. I probably would use an integer instead of a boolean: 1:line-1 active, 2:line-2 active, now additional lines could be added in the future without rewriting much)



Who wrote this? 😮


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The request for better solutions has been pinned to top of Certification board -- thanks for the suggestion (both of you). Idjuven1, once you have your CLD, certainly submit for rectification points.  Good luck in October!


As to the "who wrote this" etc -- this was written by a former colleague as he was preparing for his CLD.  The entire success package was his brainstorm and contribution.  The exercises, in providing a sequence of steps towards the full CLD sample exams, and in allowing practice on things that could be "gotchas" during a timed exam, are probably the best, most helpful prep material NI has produced.  So I give the guy mad props for what he did, and ask that we build on and improve it.  Also, in all fairness, he's a lot better programmer now. 😉 

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Hello Idjuven1,

Was there “broken arrow” on your code when you hand it over at end of the exam? Have you finished any basic functionalities, like start, initialization, stop and another function? I am wondering, how can one get such nice points at styling and document but only 0.9 at functionalities.

Wish you good luck in the next exam!

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I did checked, no broken arrow..

but due to the limited time, I finished initilization, start, stop.. but for the main function, I only finished one SubVI because I am not very familiar and need more practice apprently..


according the grading, they do not check how much work you've done on the block diagram.. They will click the buttons on the front panel and see how much function you have achieved according to the exam description.


after the exam, I estimated that I can get around 28/40 (70%), depending on the luck.. above all, i think it is fair.. I need more practice and another attempt.

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