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CLAD Solution of Sample exam



I found this sample exam on the web but without answer ...

Can someone help me about the answer ?


Sample exam :



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Well, that's only the first three pages of an obsolete sample exam.  Better yet- what do you think the answers are? which are you not sure of?

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Thanks for the answer..


I give you my answer :


1 and 2 : D (for me the same answer for the two)

3 : A

4 : A

5 : C

6 : D

7 : B

8 : A

9 : B

10 : A

11 : C

12 : A or B ???

13 : A

14 : B

15 : A and B ???

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#4 search the forum- that conversion is maybe half the speed of a coersion-  Let thos Coesion dots WARN you about potentioall lossy coersions (especially on Enum data types) but they are not evil.


#5 look up buffer re-alocation.


#6 is a deadlock (One of those aweful questions on terminology used in Basics 1&2 - the tests are improving)


#9 is an obsolete question (although you were correct for LabVIEW 7.0) What colors of Property Nodes can you find and what do they mean?


#10 "Methods" are involked- Read right through that didn't you?


12 Probably a really badly worded question (as well a #15) read Ben's nugget on Action Engines and you'll learn better ways to pass data between threads within an application instance but "GLOBALS are not evil- Lighting fast little buggers and that can be pretty handy



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Is it ok for the others question ?

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If you are interested in other CLAD questions:  Check out 'The Daily CLAD' blog




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