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Block Diagram Cleanup

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Block Diagram Cleanup

Hi All,


how much useful the block diagram cleanup tool (ctrl-U) during our CLD exam to achieve the style guidelines like avoid bends in wires, objects/wires overlapping etc.




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Re: Block Diagram Cleanup

I'll be sitting the CLD in a few weeks with no intention to use cleanup.  I don't use it in my daily work, I find it better to keep things clean on the fly.  Maybe it's improved in newer LV versions but in 2009 it still does things I wouldn't do, then I have to go through all cases to find and fix them.

--Using LV8.2, 8.6, 2009, 2012--
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Re: Block Diagram Cleanup

I would try to avoid Ctrl+u during the exam with one exception.


IF you have really experimented with the tweaks in the ini, have found a set-up that produces clean results and KNOW how to set-up the ini on the test machine. 


Like I said if---- 


I seldom use clean-up on my own development but have really played with the settings to aid forum posters (Some of those BD's are ....)  and the results leave a bit to be desired in the best tweaks I've found.  On the other hand.  When I do use it, its on poorly designed code in the first place.


Better advice: Practice coding clean.   Its kinda like when your mother saw your bedroom in your childhood.  If you had picked up after yourself as you went along you wouldn't spend nearly so much time cleaning up at the end.Smiley Wink

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Re: Block Diagram Cleanup

Hello Taper/Jeff,


Thanks for your suggestions. But I still concerned about achieving this (avoid bends in wires) style. For example consider the screenshot of the Boiler Controller sample exam solution


boiler snapshot.JPG

You can see a bend in both input wires of the select function. this is present in all the cases of the state machine. Definitely it can be avoided by spending additional time. so will it reduce score in style checklist. or can we take this as acceptable ..Looking inputs from NI Engineer.


 At the same time, we cannot develop code without bends in wire. how to come to an compromise in this style guideline. Looking for your valuable inputs.

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Accepted by topic author vijay.kumar
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Re: Block Diagram Cleanup

If I were you I'd start analyzing your code with VI Analyzer. This will clear up how many wires bends are acceptable. 


You will have wire bends, that is unavoidable. I'd say one wire should not have more than 3 or 4 bends. That is what I stick to in my coding for work.

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