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VIPM Palettes

Hi Guys


Is anyone able to register for the JKI Forum at the moment? I'm not getting any confirmation emails approved?


I'm trying to ask if there's a simple way of making my palette appear on both the "My Compuer" and "Real Time" palettes. At the moment I'm having to manually maintain two "palette sets" one under "Fucntions >>>" and the other under "Real Time >>>"


Cheers, Richard

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Re: VIPM Palettes

Hi Richard,


I can't give you a definitive answer other than I have had the same problem and couldn't find anyway to do this other than to have two palette sets. I hope someone else might be able to recommend a shortcut as this is a right pain!




James Mc
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Re: VIPM Palettes

I've even had a breif look in to hacking the package xml file to see if I can do it easily, might revisit this.

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