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Meeting Tuesday 9th May 2017

As ever this is the placeholder for building the agenda


Teststand -  Process Model Plugins - Puneet Kapoor

Assertions API Demo and review - Pete Horn (think we should give an hour for this)

Discussion about the internal LabVIEW code complexity metric

The SSDC Way - Pre-NIWeek test run 

eCLA Summit Review - by attendees





We'll stream it where we can

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Re: Meeting Tuesday 9th May 2017

Who knows anything about Compiled Code Complexity?, it's in the memory usage part of the VI properties dialog.

I was surprised at what I was seeing with my code. If anyone is interested I would like to have a talk about it and see if it is a useful metric. It also would be interesting to rip through a project and see how it changes down the hierarchy. Also how architectures differ etc etc.

If there is interest we could have a general discussion.

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Re: Meeting Tuesday 9th May 2017

Hi Steve,

I have had some fun with Compiled Code Complexity in some  inherited code recently. You know when it it is really high when the design environment takes 5 seconds plus to just place a wire! A few days of refactoring the code , mostly putting large cases in to sub VIs bought the CCC value down to a sane value and the design environment was usable again. I look forward to a discussion on CCC.



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Re: Meeting Tuesday 9th May 2017

Can't say I've ever done too much with code complexity but I'd be interested in a discussion about it. Out of curiosity I just wrote a quick vi to grab the code complexity of each vi in a directory and display them in descending order. We could use this to look at the difference between high value and low value code if that'll be useful - either on my code or someone elses....


code complexity.PNG

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Re: Meeting Tuesday 9th May 2017

Sounds a good plan,

I've got some info from Greg Stoll too, I think it raises some interesting questions.

I'd like to see a comparison between VI An results and this number too

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Re: Meeting Tuesday 9th May 2017

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Re: Meeting Tuesday 9th May 2017

Evening all, sorry I had to rush off on Tuesday, daughter is fine, back is better. Been in Hereford for the rest of the week.

I still think there's some legs left in the complexity conversation and visualisation tools (that Gorse demo was fantastic).

My computer rebooted so I lost the second half. All in all not my finest hour.

I rushed through my presentation, forgot to get feedback (point of the exercise). 

So before it gets lost in time, please post any notes on the complexity or visualisation stuff and any constructive comments on my presentation will be appreciated.

Thanks for coming and adding your brains to the CSLUG groupmind.


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