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Meeting Tuesday 11th December 2018


Thanks for the video Steve.


Thanks and Regards,

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So to add a little formality to my blase' comment "I'll talk about IDE extension" let me be a bit more specific.


I thought I'd share with you lovely people a little tool I created to make VI Analyzer more accessible both literally and form a psychological point of view. I'll show how I implemented this using Project Providers and a little VIPM goodness.


Looking forward to seeing everyone



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Hi all

it was nice to see you after long time.


I would like to share with you static/dynamic loading subPanel VIs to memory as we discussed it. See attached code:

  • static reference will break main code when subPanel VI is broken
  • static reference will sort-out VI rename
  • static reference will add VIs to EXE build
  • for not-implemented subPanels dummy VI (Template) is be used
  • one For Loop will load all subPanel VIs
    • when subPanel VI FP is still open (during development process) FP.Close and Abort will sort it out
    • VI.Name property will return name of subPanel VIs
    • and each will be opened and started and forgotten (queue message will be used to close them down when application is closed)
    • different part of code will insert new subPanel VI to subPanel Control (and remove previous one)

 Load Static subPanelsLoad Static subPanels 

 See you next time.



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I thought it was a great meeting this time. Thanks for taking the time on that, most illuminating.

don't be a stranger Mr J


Opportunity to learn from experienced developers / entrepeneurs (Fab,Joerg and Brian amongst them):
DSH Pragmatic Software Development Workshop

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