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Introduce yourselves

Usually we spend some time introducing ourselves at the start of a meeting, how about we do so here instead...

I'll start the ball rolling.....

Steve Watts

SSDC Ltd (located between Newbury and Winchester, UK)

Profile here

Apprentice trained test engineer

Been writing software for 25+ years and LabVIEW for 15+ years

My main interests are design and complexity, the software process.

Can help with databases and UI stuff, testing and factory processes


Opportunity to learn from experienced developers / entrepeneurs (Fab,Joerg and Brian amongst them):
DSH Pragmatic Software Development Workshop

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Great idea Steve, here's my blurb...

I'm Greg Payne, a CLD currently contracting for a company that develops LTE wireless broadband products.

Been using LabVIEW since 2010 and have previously done work on manually testing, debugging and repairing RF communications systems (wish I new about LabVIEW then!!!), construction consulting and now test development using LabVIEW (I have finally found my purpose).

My main interest is automated testing where I can make testing more effiecient and reliable to provide a better product/service. I also tinker in my own time and at the moment am into TI LaunchPads, Raspberry Pi and of course LabVIEW.

My full profile can be found here and my blog here.

Look forward to catching up with everyone in a few weeks.

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Hi Folks

I'm Andy Bradford. I work for Selex-ES as a Team Leader in the Test Engineering Department.  I am fairly new to both the user group and forum. I came for the first time to the last fourm meeting.

I have been using Labview on and off since Labview 5 but I have only used it heavily in the last 3 years. I am currently CLAD and working towards CLD.

We are using Labview to control automated test systems and analyse data. One of our major projects uses a PXI system with Flex RIO/Labview FPGA to control and capture data from our Infra-red detector products. I spend a lot of time working with HD size arrays of image data at video frame rates.

Hope to see you in a few weeks


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Hello Everyone,

My name is Nick Holland. Currently I am a Development engineer with ITW Switches based in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Originally trained as a Tool Maker / Mechanical Engineer.

Mainly I am using Labview for 2 purposes, firstly for control of test equipment and secondly for production equipment. I have only started using Labview over the last 2 years and still consider myself a complete newbie.

I am looking to sit the CLAD exam, most probably later this year.

Hopefully see you all at the meeting on the 13th.


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Hi All,

I'm Tim Erskine, a CLA and NI Alliance member with my venture iLV Test Solutions, which was set  up in 2012 based in Aylesbury.

I have been a Test Development Engineer for around 16years in a wide variety of industries, and have been using NI products for the vast majority of them. I'm currently contracting, providing ATE software and hardware design for NPI. I hope to expand to provide turnkey solutions in the future.....In my free time I like developing funky control systems....

I'm always open to new ideas and looking forward to finally attending a user group

See you in a few weeks


NI Alliance Partner
iLV Test Solutions Ltd
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I'm James McNally or Mac to many people. I'm a CLA that was working at National Instruments but now started my own company called Wiresmith Technology for LabVIEW development.

I particularly specialise in the embedded side so cRIO, RT and FPGA heavily. I really enjoy the teaching elements of what I did at National Instruments so you will probably still find me presenting at community events and I blog about LabVIEW as well. (www.jamesmcnally.co.uk but soon to be www.wiresmithtech.com/blog)

Hopefully see you all next week at the CLD summit/CSLUG

James Mc
CLA and cRIO Fanatic
My writings on LabVIEW Development are at devs.wiresmithtech.com
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Hi All,

My name is Laurence (Larry) Colvin. I'm a CLD certified Systems Development Engineer working for Cal-Bay Systems Europe Ltd. I have only been working at Cal-Bay for the past 3 months but it has been an excellent experience so far. Previous to Cal-Bay I was an Applications Engineer at National Instruments (3 Years) which is where I sat most of my LabVIEW training (invaluable).

I am now working on large scale projects which is very different to projects at NI and it requires a new set of skills and discipline. As ever the LabVIEW world is exciting and vast which I am keen to further explore.

I am looking forward to get to know you all better and hope to see you all at the meeting on the 13th.



Larry Colvin
Associate Principal Engineer
Dyson Technology Ltd.

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I'm Steve Kershaw I'm a CLD an I've been using LabVIEW since version 3 or 3.1 not sure how long that is but quite some time...

I work for Crystalox, developing and looking after the control and monitoring systems for the companies high temperature furnaces, used in the production of silicon for the PV market.

see you on the 13th



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This feels like a LabVIEW Anonymous self help group...

I'm Ed Pinkney, and I've been a CLA for 3 years. I work at Johnson Matthey Technology Centre where I design and build automated test rigs, mainly for testing types of automotive catalysts and fuel cells. When explaining to most people, "I build robots that do chemistry"

Update: I have a new job!

I'm Ed Pinkney, I got my CLA in 2011. I'm now working at Tokamak Energy, working on nuclear fusion energy.

I enjoy transferring knowledge and design patterns from other languages into LabVIEW.

- Cheers, Ed
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Hi Everybody

I'm Dan Boxshall. I'm a CLA working for Austin Consultants. I'm based in Bristol and am currently assisting Johnson Matthey Technology Centre with a fuel cell project.

At the start of June I will be helping to host orgainse the South West LabVIEW User Group (SWLUG) and I strongly urge anyone near the Bristol area to come to this as well! 

See you there!




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