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Introduce yourselves


Hi @dramanus, 


It's great that you are interested in learning more about NI. I'm an account manager at NI UK and can definitely help you with this. Feel free to drop me an email on: abdullah.al-zibdeh@ni.com 


Furthermore, Steve's advice is spot on, there are many resources online which can also be helpful. 


Kind regards, 



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My name is Matthew Newland. Currently a Technical Assistant at BSRIA based in Bracknell - with the purpose of designing, building, and maintaining software used within the Instrument Solutions department.

I’ve been using LabVIEW since 2010. We use LabVIEW to control our calibration rigs and log the data.

My LinkedIn profile can be found here.

Looking forward to my first CSLUG and learning something new!

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Wotcha Matt,

Nice to meet you.

Looking forward to you coming to CSLUG and teaching us something new 🙂


Opportunity to learn from experienced developers / entrepeneurs (Fab,Joerg and Brian amongst them):
DSH Pragmatic Software Development Workshop

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Better late than never I think 😅



My name is Abdulrahman, you can call me Abood for short,


I am an undergraduate student in my last year at Hacettepe University in physics engineering, 

I have worked as a volunteer researcher at Super Conductivity and Nanotechnlogy Group (SNTG) lab for the last two years. During my work there I've got introduced to LabVIEW, and designed a simple 4 prop resistivity measurement software using it. I fell in love and I have been trying to learn LabVIEW properly since then.


Now that I am in my last year at university I decided to dedicate time for that, and I am preparing for the CLAD and CLD exams.


Hop to learn a great deal from you all and wish to meet with you some day.


Be healthy and have a great life everyone 😁


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