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Re: Introduce yourselves


My name is Martin Mathias and thanks everyone for being so welcoming at my first CSLUG meeting today. Thought I had better do the housekeeping………….especially as all there was on my profile was MjM1968

  • Started as an apprentice mechanical engineer
  • After 5 years in workplace I wanted to do design so mature student for Design Visulisation BEng.
  • Got Aerospace design job, but was tempted back by my old Supervisor to do my PhD
  • PhD. in Optimisation of Acetabular Hip Prosthesis, basically designed the cup for a novel replacement hip: design, materials, and mechanical testing but with the added fun of the body interactions.
  • Technical Manager of Bournemouth University’s Rapid Prototyping Centre and Under Grad Teaching
  • Parvalux Electric motors: ended up Technical director for 5 years before missing the hands on engineering.
  • Set up Ocis Consulting, where I am now.  Electro-mechanical design consultants.

Been using Labview for about 3yrs now, but need to get on and do some qualifications.  Mainly use it in dynamometers and test rigs I build.  Won the NI European Impact Award last year (with a lot of help) for the work I do with Muc-Off  http://sine.ni.com/cs/app/doc/p/id/cs-16781#

A bit out of date and corporate, but details if interested below:

Me -  www.martinmathias.co.uk

Ocis Consulting – www.ocisconsulting.co.uk

Thanks again, and see you at the next one

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Re: Introduce yourselves

Welcome Martin,

Hope you found it profitable.

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Re: Introduce yourselves

Hi Everyone,

I'm Andres Escobar, an exotic developer coming all the way down from Colombia - South America, coding and salsa flow through my veins. I've been living in the UK (London) for 3 years and I've been working in LabVIEW for about 6 years. Electronics engineering is my main background but in the last 2 years I'm involved more on the software part for manufacturing (ERP, MES, Systems Integration and of course our beloved LabVIEW).

This is going to be my first approach to the comunity so be nice Smiley Happy hahaha if you need some sort of support or crazy ideas in any of the topics above please let me know and I will try to confuse you more.





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Re: Introduce yourselves

Hi folks,


My name's Tom (bet you'd never guess from the user name).  I was at NI Days yesterday and enjoyed the community track so thought I'd get in touch.


I've been doing LabVIEW for a couple of years now, and have been a CLA since May.  I currently work designing control software for various R&D rigs for a chemicals / catalyst company in Reading.  Before that I was a Fuel Cell Engineer with the same company and before that a chemistry student.  Other programming experience includes a bit of Java, C++, VBA & Python (and PLCs I suppose - still getting my head around IEC61131...).


Looking forward to getting more involved with the LabVIEW community.





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Re: Introduce yourselves


My name is Giles Roper and I was really impressed with the CSLUG community at NI Days this year and wanted to get involved. Here is a brief outline of my connection to LabVIEW:


I have 20years experience as a Vision System Architect designing building installing and supporting industrial machine vision systems worldwide. I have designed and implemented over 100 systems and am currently the MD of Mithras Technologies Ltd.

I am familiar with a wide variety of camera technology and processing architecture allowing the fastest return on investment for an inspection system. I have been developing systems with LabVIEW since 1995 I have lectured on image processing for industry and advised on worldwide vision inspection policy at 3M corporation. I am used to working with large international teams and designing strategies for commissioning and supporting systems remotely.


There is always somthing new to learn and it is clear CSLUG has some serious talent!

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Re: Introduce yourselves

Welcome Giles,

I'm not getting emails yet so I might miss some topics. Apologies up-front


Vision is always interesting to us, ditto remote support etc. I can see us bothering you to present Smiley Happy



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Re: Introduce yourselves

Welcome Tom,

I'm not getting emails yet so I might miss some topics. Apologies up-front

Glad you enjoyed the track and congrats on your CLA! CLA Summit in Vienna is calling......

Hope to see you in December


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Re: Introduce yourselves

Welcome Andres,

I'm not getting emails yet so I might miss some topics. Apologies up-front.

I see the CSLUG/Salsa side group in the future!. Austin Consultants also do a London User Group, that I've been tempted to go along to.

We insist on niceness so don't worry.


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Re: Introduce yourselves

Hi All


I am Deon Bester a LabVIEW engineer since 1995 where I started with version 3.1 for Windows Workgroups. Currently living in Ringwood in the New Forest but still working as the primary mirror consultant for the Southern African Large Telescope in South Africa.

Main areas of expertise are motion control and positioning systems using micrometer actuators and nanometer sensors.


Looking forward to meeting you guys at the next Sea Slug meeting.


Regards Deon



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