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Identifying a function on Filter Vi


Came to a couple of meetings when Ocis Consulting and I'm after a hand again..............never did my exams so not on the TAP, big regret especially as now discontinued.

Have a basic labview ques:

Trying to move away from Express Vi now i'm back using Labview, in this instance mainly as i want some user control on the front panel.  I found an example somewhere on a long dead thread somewhere but have no idea what the function is with the coercion dot that outputs the waveform is. If somebody could identify it for me that would be great (dont remember it from core 1 or 2). I need a better understanding of filters in general, but would be good to get it running before i dig further.


Thanks for any help in advance.


Kind regards




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Hi 🙂


I have a new laptop and don't have LabVIEW installed yet! 😮 and I don't recognise it.  EDIT: I think that's the IIR Filter.vi


  1. Right click the function you can select Visible Items>Label. That will tell you the name of it.
  2. If this function appears in the functions pallets, then you can right click the BD (to open the functions pallet) then in the search icon at the top, type in the VI name you found earlier and it will take you to the pallet.

Hope that helps

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I can't remember for sure, but I'm pretty positive there are filter examples in the NI Example Finder.


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Afternoon Tom,


Thanks for the reply, unfortunately only the jpeg was posted so don't have the vi.  I went through all the pallets and the examples and couldn't see anything as simple, but will have another look.

Maybe I'll try and find the old thread and see if the OP is still active.


Many thanks



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What is it that you're actually trying to achieve? Knowing that we can point you towards what you need as opposed to this VI, which might be a red-herring for your application.

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After the smoothing filter with the time, and type user defined on the front panel, or even read from a config txt file if i have to 

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Oh sorry didn't see you reply,  Really just trying to move away from express Vi is the driving force.  Funny enough I'm still have problems even with the express Vi.


The new post will put a bit of history around it.


Thanks for the reply sorry again for lack of reply


Kind regards



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