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Here are links to the presentation videos I have made pretty and publicly available, I'm using Blackmagic Resolve


I will add to this list as I go through the presentations (More content is available on our CSLUG google+ Site)

NIWeek2019 143 Immediacy updated Steve Watts

NIWeek2019 221 Lean LabVIEW Steve Watts

CSLUG 11 Dec 2018 Chris Roebuck Extending the IDE - VI Analyzer Improved

CSLUG 11 Dec 2018 James Mac What is Open Source

eCLA2018 Madrid Modular Design Deep Dive Steve Watts

2017NIWEEK 302 Steve Watts Jon Conway The SSDC Way Desired Paths to a Simple Software Process

CSLUG May 2017 1st bit (Puneet and Pete Horn) as computer rebooted when I was presenting

eCLA 2017 Vienna 210 James Powell Flatline Flat style customized controls

eCLA 2017 Vienna James Mac Using LabVIEW Securely over the Internet

eCLA 2017 Vienna SWatts Risk,Judgement and Mitigation 

CSLUG 12 2016 All of it (no sound until 1:22:00 my bad)

NIDays 2016 VI Scripting - Chris Roebuck

NIDays 2016 Quick Fire LabVIEW Presentations

NIDays 2016 Practical Lessons in LabVIEW OOP - James McNally

CSLUG 10 2016 All of it

NIWeek 2016 ISO 9001:2008 and LabVIEW

CSLUG 07 2016 All of it

CSLUG 03 2016 All of it (I've put the presentation times in the description, too little time, too mu...

CSLUG 12 2015 Code Review and General Chat Everyone

CSLUG 12 2015 UI Techniques Quickfire Round James Powell, Steve Watts

CSLUG 12 2015 Error Handling Quickfire Round James McNally, James Powell, Steve Watts

CSLUG 12 2015 Database Techniques Quickfire Round John White

CLD Summit 2015 Assertions Pete Horn

CLD Summit 2015 Agile/Iterative Development James McNally

CLD Summit 2015 Steve Watts Immediacy

CLD Summit 2015 Design and Use of Queued-Message Handlers James Powell

LabVIEW 2015 Nice Things Demo

LabVIEW MySQL Navicat Demo

CSLUG 05 2015 Interactive SSH Greg Payne

CSLUG 05 2015 DAQ Fixture Steve Swindley

CSLUG 05 2015 LabVIEW and the Web James McNally

CSLUG 02 2015 Tree (Immediacy early stage) Steve Watts

CSLUG 02 2015 BratVIs Chris Roebuck

CSLUG 12 2014 VPS Steve Watts

CSLUG 02 2015 Assertions Pete Horn

CSLUG 02 2015 Emails Steve Watts


James Powells Youtube Channel

Delacor Youtube Channel



Steve Watts - SSDC - Random Ramblings on LabVIEW Design

Fab and Luis - Delacor

Greg Payne - Labvolution Blog

James McNally - Wiresmith Technologies Blog

Chris Roebuck - Walking the Wires


Podcasts (VIShots)

027 VISP LabVIEW Component Oriented Design with Steve Watts

031 VISP Five Tips to improve your LabVIEW Applications with Fab

James Mac on VIShots Live!!

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Re: Public Presentation Videos

I only had example code; do you want that?

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Re: Public Presentation Videos

I'll review the vid James and see what needs doing, will tackle it next week.

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Re: Public Presentation Videos

I need Mr Roebucks presentation too, before I can go much further with this one.

I'll have to do a dramatic recreation of your presentation, let's see how my LabVIEW acting skills bear up.

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Re: Public Presentation Videos

You could split our two presentations into separate videos. 

Here is my code:

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Re: Public Presentation Videos

Cheers mate I'll see what I can do, this was an excellent discussion

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Re: Public Presentation Videos


Sorry, only just seen this. I'll get on it at the weekend. I'm on a customer site at the moment.


Don't forget to give Kudo's for a good answer !

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Re: Public Presentation Videos

No worries mate, the evenings are long and sunny. I really should be doing something else anyways.

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Re: Public Presentation Videos

Sorry, A dog ate it last week, but now its magically back!

Posted the slides to the group, thanks for all your hard work on this!

James Mc
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Re: Public Presentation Videos

Good stuff, I can't see them tho' am I being thick? (shouldn't they be in documents?)

James_McN wrote:

thanks for all your hard work on this!

I just wish we had been doing it from the start, hopefully it will make a nice archive.

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