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The COVID-19 Challenge
COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges and threatens to overwhelm our healthcare institutions. As a result, NI has been connecting with healthcare groups and hospitals, such as MD Anderson, and we are hosting a discussion forum for technical input in generating ideas for potential solutions to be passed along to healthcare related groups. Below you will find the challenge areas where we are looking for your suggestions, ideas, references, connections, designs and help. Full announcement
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There are literally dozens of 3D printed face shield designs floating around the internet, so why would we bother to create Yet Another Face Shield? It all comes down to requirements. A local hospital was looking for designs that provided overhead protection, and for various reasons weren’t satisfied with what they found. So, we set out to design a face shield that provided overhead coverage while still using readily available materials. We ended up with a design that can be printed on any hobby-class 3D printer, and uses clear binder covers and a rubber band.


The design is freely available as our goal is to help as many health care workers as possible. Whether you use this design as is, modify it for your own requirements, or use some other design, we encourage you to do what you can to protect the people that are risking their own lives to save others.


Joe Peck & Dave Wilson

Making & Makers - #fightthevirus

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Idea de diagnóstico.y terapia

Utilizando una frecuencia base detectar la presencia del coronavirus ya que dichas cavidades son   resonantes, la cápside Viral  tiene una frecuencia natural especifica,debido ha su estructura icosaédrica, pueda ser detectada y posteriormente destruida por efecto de ondas de resonancia ,la cápside viral esta constituida por lípidos de un punto de fusión bajo lo que permitirá su destrucción sin perjuicio de otros tejidos usando baja intesidad .asi mismo podria tratarse otras enfermedades como el VIH ,Y TODAS LAS VIRALES ICOSAHEDRICAS.