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Genesys Plus: USB communication not working

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I have configured my Genesys Plus to use USB communication. I have selected the proper COM port. Driver Framework returns error 500002: VISA Read has timed out.


Genesys Plus ConfigurationGenesys Plus Configuration

Error 500002Error 500002


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Thanks for posting! If your device enumerates as USB Serial Device then you are missing the drivers from TDK-Lambda.


USB Serial DeviceUSB Serial Device


There are two solutions to the problem above. The first is to install the device drivers for your Genesys Plus. Once installed, your device will enumerate as G serial port as shown in the screenshot below.


G serial portG serial port


If you can't install the drivers, the second solution is to configure Driver Framework to treat the device as a serial port. This can be done in the CMC Configuration Manager. The specific setting I changed was communication protocol from USB to Serial (RS-232). See the screenshot below.


Serial ConfigurationSerial Configuration

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