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Call for Presentations: India CLD Summit


Hello All,


As this year´s India CLD Summit chair and co-chair, we happy to announce very first India CLD Summit on September 14, 2017 at Bengaluru.  Starting from this year, NI is hosting CLD Summit in India to have more interaction with Local LabVIEW developer community. This year CLD summit focus on “Overcoming the Challenges of Professional Application Development”. Hope, this theme makes the platform for discuss and share the challenges faced in professional application development and its solutions.


This is the official call for presentation; we would encourage you to submit your presentation, desires, wishes on above mentioned theme.  If interested in presenting, submit your presentation´s title, abstract and desired allocated time below.


And remember, presenting at the summit gets you some tasty recertification points!


Please note, however, that the CLD Summit is open only to current NI CLD's and CLA's and is considered one of the benefits of NI Certification. If you're not up to presenting but have ideas for topics that you would like to see covered, please post them on the this page. The success of this event is entirely dependent on participation from the local developer community.

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Hi All,

               I would like to present on "Abstract Application Development (AAD) ".



Anish T.

அன்புடன்				|Regards
அனிஷ்பிரபு தி. |Anish Prabu T.
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Nice to hear!

For sure I will participate in the Summit!


I hope machine Vision, OOPS and Test Stand will be presented during the event!


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I would like to present on OOP and its advantages over traditional task based programming language.


This is my same presentation from NIWeek 2017. I believe that the LabVIEW Developers in India are now getting more aware on how to write more reusable code and deliver applications that are both robust and relatively future proof.


Time to invest more time on advancing your Software Engineering skills with OOP on LabVIEW.


In this presentation, we compare task-based programming with object-oriented programming (OOP) and discover how using OOP can make applications more future proof and improve the developer's experience.

Also learn how to convert any task-based application into an OOP application.

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Hi all,


As LabVIEW OOP concepts are being covered, I can give a presentation on LabVIEW Actor Oriented Design patterns. This is a design technique which helps us to make modular application where modules can be easily decoupled and taken into some other application. Actor oriented design patterns needs the understanding of LabVIEW OOP as a base. So it would be preferable, if both the presentation (LV OOP & ACTOR) are done consecutively. 

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Compare task-based programming with object-oriented programming (OOP) and discover how using OOP can make applications more future proof and improve the developer's experience.

Also learn how to convert any task-based application into an OOP application.


P.S. this is the formal format of previous entry.

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Dear all,

CLD Summit is closing in. And it is the best time to upgrade yourself.


Get a One Hour FREE CLA Preparation session from LabVIEW Training and Certification Expert: Ram Gurung.


Do not miss the Summit, Do not not miss the Preparation Presentation Session.


Irresistible Perks of Presenting and Participation at CLD Summit.

1) Network and learn from Community of CLDs and CLAs

2) Recertification by 5 Points

   - Attend (2 Points)

   - Attend & Present (3 Points)

3) FREE 1 Hour CLA Preparation from me ;-)


If not registered, please register and be there in Bengaluru on 14th September.

And submit your presentations NOW and contribute to the community.


See you there.




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Hi all, 


I would like to present on "Systematic Engineering". Hope this will be of interest to the gathering. 


Thank you

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Dear nil27,

Could you please be more specific on the topic and also provide abstract for the topic.

I believe Systematic engineering is more generic. 

It will help the audience on how to expect better from the presentation.



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Title - "Should I worry about Testing?"


Abstract -
Practice of Software testing in LabVIEW is not so popular and practiced in India. This is a challenge in Professional LabVIEW Application Development. It is necessary to create awareness and education regarding the same.
Talk would consist of following sub topics -


  1. Motivation and Philosophy behind Software Testing - How testing helps save Money,Time and Resources (in general and LabVIEW)
  2. Basics of Software Testing, Types of Tests - System, Integration and Unit Tests
  3. Unit Testing, Types and Properties, Tools for Unit Testing in LabVIEW ecosystem - LabVIEW Unit Test Framework, JKI VI Tester, JKI Caraya
  4. Test Driven Development (TDD)

Please let me know if it is of interest to the community and worth the presentation.


Ashish Ubrani

E -

Certified LabVIEW Developer
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