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Call for Presentations: India CLD Summit

Hii all.

I am interested to see presentation on LVOOPs and LabVIEW Actor Framework and also I am interested to see CLA preparation presentation by Ram Gurung.

Thank you.

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Those were great presentations.  Thanks for each/everyone took part in it.


Are the presentation and contents put in some online location for the attendees to get use of it?

I'm looking for 

  • Actor framework example by Shubhajit Bagchi
  • Abstract Application Development by Anish




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I would like to thanks everyone who shared valuable knowledge through presentations which will be very much helpful for developers.


I want to thanks Mr. Ram Gurung for sharing his presentation in community.


I will also thankful if Presentation and examples of "LabVIEW Actor oriented design patterns" will shared.

Thank you everyone.

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